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The Training Series

Treating Complex-Trauma

There are many forms of trauma.  And, the more complex the post-trauma, the more complex your understanding, methods, and nuanced-skill must be.   This is so vital because interventions that work with other issues, can actually inhibit trauma healing, or even cause it to worsen and endure.

This series gives you the enhanced theory and skills to work with complex symptoms of trauma.  This information is often new to even skilled and seasoned therapists.  

Growing The Whole Child

Our understanding of child development and parenting is changing!  Recent science tell us that the behaviour-based methods of the 80s and 90s (ie, time-outs, arbitrary rewards and consequences, lecturing, bribing, ignoring, and tough-love) can actually stunt the social, emotional, and moral development of the child's brain, personality, and behaviour.

This series gives you the new developmental science, and the immediately-usable tools, to

grow your child so much better, and make your parenting  so much easier. 

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