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"Growing The Whole Child"

The Parenting Series

Workshop One

      In this 2-hour workshop, you'll learn:

  • The brain's defensive states that get mistaken for behaviour problems.

  • To assess the specificdefensive state your child is in for proper intervention.

  • Which of your brain states are triggeringyour child and what is needed instead.

  • To teach your child about their defensive states and regulate these better.

  • The beginning right-brain language necessary to balance the brain and behaviour.

Workshop Two

     In this 3-hour workshop, you'll learn:

  • The 'Path Stone' technique for faster calming, listening, and adherence to you.

  • Six attachment-building methods to enhance your child's sense of security, as well as their listening, and loyalty to you.

  • The 'right-brain strategies' necessary to rebalance emotional and behavioural issues.

  • How current parenting methods can actually stunt your child's behaviour and development.

  • Specific rituals for long-term connection and security between you and your child.

Workshop Three 

In this 70-minute video, you'll learn:

• What is a 'sense-of-self' and why its proper development is vital to mental health.

• To assess if your child is struggling with this aspect of development.

• What is needed to develop a strong, stable, consistent sense-of-self in your child.

• How behaviour-based disci​pline methods can negatively impact sense-of-self

  development, and why this is especially true for a struggling child.

• How to better respond to your child's behaviour and emotional needs using this

  developmental lens as a guide.

Free ​For You

Understanding and Treating Childhood Trauma

In this episode of 'The Parenting Literacy Show', host Dr. Joseph Lao and I talk about the updated science regarding properly assessing and treating childhood trauma.

The Neuroscience of Parenting and Attachment

In this episode of 'Therapy With My Mom', we talk about the updated neuroscience of parenting, and how older-school parenting methods can negatively impact the brain and nervous system development of our kids.

Is Technology Revving Our Kids' Nervous Systems?

In this episode of 'Parent Talk: At The Table', host Larissa Mills and I talk about the impact of technology and devices on children's brains, nervous systems, development, and behaviour. 

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