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How it works...

•  Therapy is a process that's unique to you.

•  We focus on topics that are important to you, and the issues getting in the way of your goals.

•  Your work might involve learning new information, developing or strengthening skills, or      

   understanding and resolving deeper, underlying issues - or a combination of these.  We work 

   together to establish your therapy goals, and a way of meeting those goals that best fits you.

•  Sessions might take the form of a conversation, but sometimes we'll agree to use more structured 

   interventions both during the session, and as 'homework' in between sessions.

•  Therapy can be either short-term or longer-term in nature.  Some people find relief from 

   their problem within a few weeks to several months, and enjoy improvements along the way. 

   Others, because of the severity or length of time they've been experiencing the problem, 

   might need longer-term work (a minimum of one year).  Even if you require longer-term therapy, 

   you'll still experience improvements along the way.

•  Usually, sessions are weekly or every other week until your problem begins to resolve.

•  Sessions can be either in-person, or through video-conferencing ('Zoom'), or a combination of 

   these.  Both ways of meeting are very effective.

•  We work together in a safe, accepting, and non-judgemental environment that respects your 

   uniqueness, comfort level, and pace.

•  Matters discussed throughout the counselling process are confidential.

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