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Supervision for Professionals

If you're struggling with a client, this  will  help you.

The Power of New Information

Have you ever had a supervision session that was 'okay', but left you still feeling unsure, with only a few new general things to try?  In other words, you were simply guided to 'feel around' for something different to see if it might move a client's stuck issue?  

I've also had these more passive supervision sessions, and they didn't create much movement for my clients... or confidence for me.

So now, when I offer consultation to fellow therapists, I want these sessions to feel actively collaborative, greatly informative, and dynamic, while giving clear direction and approaches that will leave you feeling enlivened, mobilized, and clear - which is very possible even if your client has been stuck for a while.  

I love teaching deep case-conceptualization, and pairing it with the many powerful methods I've trained in over the years from experts in the field.  This is a combination that moves even long-term, complex, and layered client issues.  I also show you how to do this with a uniqueness and nuance particular to your client, allowing their work with you to move in a renewed direction. 

 'Two active heads' are better than one, and my colleagues often report that their consultations sessions with me are far more enriching, clarifying, and effective than others they've had before. 


"After our consult, I had the best session I've had with this client, and she noticed it too".  
"Approaching the issue this way was new to me, and it was so helpful."
"I'm kind of amazed how well this worked.  It's actually helping me feel more recharged in the work too."

"This was one of the most helpful consultation sessions I've had!  Wow.  This gave me a lot to work with."

Can a Supervision  Session Help YouAre you:

•   Feeling stuck with a certain client, or certain client issues?

•   Using the same methods, causing a pattern of 'repeat sessions' with a client?

•   Thinking 'there's only so much I can do with this client'?

•   Feeling 'maybe this is as far as this client can go' ?

•   Feeling triggered by a client or their issues?

•   Interested in techniques that are backed by the recent science on growth and change?

•   Missing information or skills others seem to be using with their clients?

•   Generally familiar with newer information or approaches, but still need specific and nuanced 

    guidance to apply these?

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