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"After our son's friend died by suicide, these manuals saved us."
(Please note, it is an incorrect assumption that talking to your child about suicide might 'make them do it.'  In fact, important information, talking and support, and open and effective ways of understanding and coping is exactly what someone needs after a friend dies by suicide).
This manual, created for parents and/or supportive adults, is written in very easy-to-read, empathic, and understandable language.  And, it offers a lot of vital information to properly help support your child (and yourself), both now and in the months to come.   It can be read in its entirety, or in sections, and is a 45-minute read.  

There are three versions of this manual, customized to the gender of the deceased friend (i.e., he/him, she/her, they/them).
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Parent / Adult Manual:
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