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Why it works...

Some therapists use only one or two treatment methods, and then apply these to all people and all problems they see.  And, although that can certainly be helpful, I work a little differently.  Over the years, I would hear about different therapy approaches that showed real benefits for people. And, because I know that 'one-size-doesn't-fit-all', I trained in many of these to offer different options to the people I was helping.  And, clients got results.

But then, I started using these different therapies together.  I would combine them in a skilled but nuanced way, tailoring them to the person and their situation.  And, the results were pretty amazing. Combining these therapies got 'into the corners' where other therapies on their own (or simple 'talk therapy') didn't seem to.  And, clients noticed this too.

So, this is how I work.  It's an approach that can solve specific problems.  And, it's an approach that can bring deep healing and growth, even after years of complex struggle.  

The therapies I've trained in also work beautifully with what science now tells us about how the brain and nervous system change and heal too.  So, both aspects of you are growing - your mind and your neurophysiology, both of which equally impact your inner and outer world.  And, again, properly combining these therapies brings clear results (often more quickly), but in a way that's gentle and well-paced.  And, most can be done either in-person, and through remote sessions.

I offer more information about these approaches on 'The Therapies' page.  You can read more about them there.

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