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"Finally Clearing the Trauma"

The Complex-Trauma Training Series

Learn  the  updated,  vital  and  very effective  approach

that  will  change  your  clients,  your  children,  or  yourself.

In my 25 years as a mental health professional, I've learned some very cool, very fascinating, and truly indispensable information that has helped my clients immeasurably. I've been lucky in my career to have had excellent teachers and mentors - talented healers who've worked with some of the most complex (and rewarding) clients. And, teachers who were also on the cutting-edge of what science now tells us heals and develops people. These gifted professionals have imparted game-changing information to make my work with people much easier, and so much more effective.

So, now I've decided to offer this to you - through my training series in three modules. Each of these modules (6-hours in total) will give you clear, current, and research-based information that offers both comprehensive theory, and very practical, ready-to-use interventions that will create movement and change.

Whether you're a therapist, a teacher, a parent, or a curious individual, you'll like this training! It will help you. And your clients will love working within this gentle, but very effective and powerful approach! Enjoy!

TheSeriesin Three Modules

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