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What People Are Saying​About ThisSeries...

The following are testimonials from seasoned psychotherapists, mental health professionals, student clinicians, parents, teachers, and individuals who have trained with this series:

"This series was so insightful and intriguing, and it offered me a lot to reflect on further.  And, getting a sneak peek into the client work you do was enriching and strangely validating of some of the questions I've been sitting with recently.   

Thank you, Jenifer!"

Psychotherapist, India

"This series is exceptional and normalizing of trauma responses, as well as providing practical and helpful healing strategies.  Jenifer is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend therapists with clients who have experienced trauma to do this training."

Psychotherapist, Canada

"I've shared the information from this series with three of my clients and it really resonated with them. It was amazing to see their transformation from shame, to an understanding of themselves after their trauma. Your videos are so important for us to watch. I am getting to know this part of psychotherapy and I am amazed by it".

Psychotherapist, Canada

"Wow, Jenifer, thank you for this training! This was new information to me. I'm already using the concepts and techniques from the training with my clients (and my children) and it's allowed for some great and different sessions. Thank you so much! 

 I didn't learn this in my school training but it is so necessary!"

Child Therapist and Parent, UK

"Thank you so much for this insightful webinar. You have provided us with a lot of useful information that can be integrated into counseling sessions. I also would like to join the next webinar that talks about combining Polyvagal Theory and Parts Work."

Family Counselor, USA

"Wow. Thank you for all of this new information."

Occupational Therapist, Canada

"I love the Parts Work information.  It makes understanding clients and kids a lot easier. It'll make the work easier to do. I can see my clients loving working with this concept and the cards.  I will pick up these tools for sure!"

Psychotherapist, Canada

"This will change the way I look at my behavioural students, and how I talk with their parents.  This information goes beyond the behavioural interventions we often use with these students. This information was such an eye-opener!  I've not heard of it before. Thanks so much.  I'd like to attend your next one."

Elementary Teacher, UK

"Thank you for the amazing training today!

I would like to sign up for the next training as well."

Student Therapist, USA

"This was a fascinating webinar today and I'm happy to have taken part.  

I would also like to sign up for the next seminar."

Psychotherapist, UK

"I've been doing my own therapy for a while.  The information from this workshop was new to me, and helped me better understand why I'm still struggling with some of my behaviors and patterns.  I'll tell my therapist about this information.  I'm also going to use it with my kids."

Parent, USA

"I'm going to buy the Parts Work cards, and set up a system for my class.  These are 

awesome and I can see the different ways to use these to help the kids feel heard, 

and do what they need to without rolling their eyes!"

Elementary School Teacher, USA

"Jen teaches this in a way that makes it really easy to understand.  I've read about the Polyvagal Theory before but it was tough to understand and can be dense.  This seminar was excellent and helped a lot.  I like that I can also teach this to my clients 

in a fairly easy way.  Thank you so much!"

Occupational Therapist, Canada

"I love SIBAM.  I haven't heard of this before, but I can see how helpful it will be.  I love the statements used with them.  I can see how clients will like this, and how it will make sitting with their issues easier.  Can you please send me the SIBAM handouts you use with clients?  Thank you for today.  This was so great! I'm going to suggest my colleagues contact you."

Student Therapist, UK

"I watched and appreciated the videos today, Jen.  These were very helpful, and you are an excellent presenter and teacher.   Thank you."

Psychotherapist, Canada

"Thank you so much for providing me with the recorded lectures on the Polyvagal Theory, Parts Work Therapy, and the SIBAM techniques!! These lectures were stellar, and provided an evocative overview of trauma-based therapy."

Psychotherapist, Canada

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